The Giving Spirit

Sorry I missed my update from last week.  It was a busy weekend since I was given what they call a wet CLU.  Which means I have doubled my real estate and got indoor plumbing with a sink and toilet and shower that I only have to share with my one neighbor.  It is pretty nice (compared to what I was in, to keep it in perspective).  So my time was consumed with packing all of my things and moving them to my new place and then unpacking and setting up the room on my only day off.  We also had a really good band here last weekend and a BBQ so I spent some time out of my room enjoying the good food and music.  The band’s name was “The Crisis” and they covered every genre of music you could imagine.  Rap, country, classic rock, punk, and blues.  It was a great show.

So I called this post “The Giving Spirit” because I have volunteered to work at one of the local schools to help renovate its infirmary.  They need shelves and doors and paint, so we are going to see what we can do with the resources we have available.  There are some carpenters and med technicians and me that are going to try to make this a sensible place to work if you are dealing with sick kids.  I have also tried to get involved in an English Discussion Group where we meet with locals and just talk about varying topics using English so that they can practice the language with a native speaker.  I will be going on my first trip this week for that program.

There are some opportunities for you to help out as well.  If you have a class, scout troop, church group, or a student needing to do some service hours here is a great opportunity to give directly to African infants and students in need.  All you have to do is collect the items and mail them to me and the base chapel will distribute them to the local schools and orphanages.  All I would ask is that you let me know when you ship it so I can  be on the look out for the items.  Below is a list of items that are needed at the organizations (Where it makes sense, these do not have to be new, but should be in usable condition):

For the Baby Orphanage:
Infant clothing (esp. bibs)
Disposable diapers
Diaper ointment

For the Schools:
Pencils and sharpeners

For the Boys Orphanage:
Soccer balls

Again, just let me know if you are interested in helping out and I will pass you my address so that you can forward me the donations.  When I get out to the community again, I will get you some pictures of the area to give you an idea of how these folks live.

Hope all is well back home.  Happy Halloween and take care.


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